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REVIEW BY MERISSA - The Fire Goddess and her Wolves (Shifters of Freedom Springs #2) by Maia Dylan

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Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Ménage


Fiona Aideen is a Fire Elemental who knows how to take care of herself just fine. It's the two wolf shifters who claim she is their mate and the psychotic demon with a God complex hell bent on the destruction of earth she's going to have some difficulty with. Cole and Travis Winters are twins with a mission. Convince their mate that she is exactly what they want and need, and that they can be the same for her. They both know that getting Fiona to accept them both will be a challenge, but neither of them are willing to take no for an answer. Not when the prize was so damn perfect for them and everything they had ever hoped for in a mate. Can the three come together to solve her portion of the prophecy and bring them one step closer to victory, or will Fiona's past and her fears stop them before they've even begun?

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Fiona Aideen is the Fire Elemental, and she has a temper and sarcastic wit to boot. Cole, she already knew, but Travis is unknown to her. So she was thrown for a loop when they both declared that she was their mate. What's a virgin supposed to do with two?? 

Travis and Cole give her the space she needs to begin with, but are also there when she needs them, even when she doesn't realise it! I loved that about this book. They were mates, and that was that. No angst, no drama, just patience and consideration. Now I'm not saying that there is no drama in this book, because nothing could be further from the truth. There is plenty! There is also a joyful (and tearful) reunion between Casey, Ariana, and their parents.

Excellently written, with a smooth pace building up to the dramatic climax, The Fire Goddess and Her Wolves is an excellent addition to the series, with a heartrending introduction to the next book (The Sheriff and his Air Goddess) to finish on. Highly recommended by me.

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Maia Dylan lives, loves and works in beautiful New Zealand. She married her best friend and they have two adorable, but stubborn children who obviously take after their father.

Maia’s career has featured a lot of travel, and she has filled her time at airports and in the air with books, books, and more books. Her love of erotic paranormal romance has seen her amass a huge library. She has been an avid reader and lover of ménage romances since she read her first book in this genre about three years ago.

In January of 2015, Maia submitted her first ever manuscript to Siren Publishing. She wasn’t at all confident that it would be accepted and in fact she was expecting a nicely worded email with a resounding no! Much to her surprise less than two weeks later she had an acceptance and a signed contract in hand and since then she hasn’t looked back.

Outside of writing, Maia loves to eat, so she loves to cook! Her herb garden is legendary, but she still has issues getting tomatoes to grow. She’s been a performer for years, and has even sung on international stages, she would love to own a classic Ford Mustang one day and of course have the opportunity to race it on a race track without fear of a speeding ticket.

Although ultimately her dream is to be able to write full time on a sandy beach with a Mai Tai in hand, she is quite happy to fit her writing in when she can. As long as someone reads her books, gets a laugh, and maybe comes to love her characters as much as she does, then she feels that she is living her dream no matter what!

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BLOG TOUR - The Night Ringing poetry collection by Laura Foley


"I revel in the genius of simplicity" Laura Foley writes as she gives us in plain-spoken but deeply lyrical moments, poems that explore a life filled with twists and turns and with many transformations. Through it all is a search for a fulfilling personal and sexual identity, a way to be most fully alive in the world. From multicultural love affairs through marriage with a much older man, through raising a family, through grief, to lesbian love affairs, "Night Ringing" is the portrait of a woman willing to take risks to find her own best way. And she does this with grace and wisdom. As she says: "All my life I've been swimming, not drowning."
-Patricia Fargnoli, author of "Winter, Duties of the Spirit, " and "Then, Something
"I love the words and white space of poetry. I love stories even more. In this collection, Laura Foley evokes stories of crystallized moments, of quiet and overpowering emotion, of bathtubs and lemon chicken. The author grows up on the pages, comes of age, and reconciles past with present. Almost. Try to put the book down between poems to savor each experience. Try, but it won't be easy. -Joni B. Cole, author of "Toxic Feedback, Helping Writers Survive and Thrive"
Plain-spoken and spare, Laura Foley's poems in "Night Ringing" trace a life story through a series of brief scenes: separate, intense moments of perception, in which the speaker's focus is arrested, when a moment opens to reveal a glimpse of the larger whole. Memories of a powerful, enigmatic father, a loving but elusive mother, a much older husband, thread Foley's stories of childhood, marriage and motherhood, finally yielding to the pressure of her attention, as she constructs a series of escapes from family expectations, and moves toward a new life. In these lucid, intense poems, Foley's quiet gaze, her concentration, and emotional accuracy of detail, render this collection real as rain. -Cynthia Huntington, author of "Heavenly Bodies"

Foley's voice rings with quiet authority undercut by calamity, examining a life so extraordinary, she seems to have lived several people's lives, setting a high bar for poetic craft she meets, in great mystery perfectly expressed in the tiny, quotidian, "spent matches pressed on wet pavement," to soulful beauty, "as wind lifts/every shining wave"; in wisdom rooted in humor, from the deliciously funny "Flunking Jung," to self-deprecating wit, misreading "poetic" as "pathetic," reminding us wisdom is love, grown from self-compassion. -April Ossmann, author of "Anxious Music"

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 Not Drowning

On my back like a corpse, enjoying buoyancy,
I drift downstream as Amtrak, hooting, passes over.

I'm waving at passengers from the city,
who peer out their little windows, down at me.

I wave so they'll know I'm not dead,
but floating.

All my life I've been waving
to passengers passing,

all my life I've been swimming,
not drowning.

Laura Foley is the author of five poetry collections. The Glass Tree won the Foreword Book of the Year Award, Silver, and was a Finalist for the New Hampshire Writer’s Project, Outstanding Book of Poetry. Joy Street won the Bi-Writer’s Award. Her poems have appeared in journals and magazines including Valparaiso Poetry Review, Inquiring Mind, Pulse Magazine, Poetry Nook, Lavender Review, The Mom Egg Review and in the British Aesthetica Magazine. She won Harpur Palate’s Milton Kessler Memorial Poetry Award and the Grand Prize for the Atlanta Review’s International Poetry Contest.

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VIRTUAL TOUR, EXCERPT, & REVIEW - Truthsight (The Outcast Mage #1) by Miriam Greystone

Title: Truthsight

Author: Miriam Greystone
Publisher: City Owl Press
Pages: 286
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Doctor Amy spends her nights running a secret clinic for supernatural creatures. When she is forced to use her magic to save the lives of a centaur infant and its mother, she vows never to regret her decision, no matter the consequences. Not even when the Mages capture her, beat her, and condemn her to die.

Before the sentence can be carried out, Amy is abducted by a mysterious being named Rowan, who demands she use her healing abilities to save his father. But when Amy fails to save the ailing man, her actions unintentionally force Rowan into an exile that will soon turn into a death sentence.

Now Rowan and Amy must join forces with the creatures who were once her patients and fight to uncover the one secret that may be powerful enough to save them all.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

Truthsight tells a wonderful story about Clan Mages, Rebel Mages, Satyrs, Centaurs, Pixies and Leshies! Miriam Greystone gives us a new twist in the Fantasy genre, with 'creatures' that we don't hear much about! Dr Amy is hiding... something, someone, you're not sure to begin with, but one thing is for sure. If they find her, it's game over. The more you read, the more you become aware of the why's and wherefore's of her situation, and the reasoning behind it. 

This is a well-written story, with a smooth pace, and character development. It is a good start to a new series, and I look forward to reading more in The Outcast Mage series. One thing that I'm sure has been mentioned before, is the cover. In my opinion, it doesn't 'do' anything for the story. Truthsight is a brilliant story, and I hate to think that some people may pass it by because of the cover. Definitely recommended by me.

* I received this book from Pump Up Your Book! in return for a fair and honest review. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

The pixie was very close to shooting me. 
I took a deep breath and tried to sound calm.
“If he moves while I'm working, the damage could get much worse.” I explained. “It can be you, or it can be Jason. But we need to do this fast, and someone is going to have to hold the boy down.”
 Not much taller than the length of my hand, Grenalda crouched on the exam table in front of her son's crumpled body. Her chest heaved from the effort it had taken to carry him here in her arms.  Blood smeared the colorful bits of woven bird feathers she wore as clothing and her eyes were wide and panic stricken. She kept her right hand up, poised over her shoulder, stretching her fingers towards the dart-blower strapped across her back. We were humans, and though she might have no choice but to come to us for help, she made it perfectly clear that she didn't fully trust us.
“Why can't you just bandage him up?”
“His head wound is simple—we'll wrap it and it will heal just fine. But his leg is broken. If we don't fix it correctly, the bone will heal crooked. He'll limp for the rest of his life.” 
My chest burned and I still wore my scrubs from my shift in the ER.  I hadn't eaten since breakfast, which I vaguely remembered choking down while driving to work at around 5:00am. Now dark had nearly fallen, and the chill early evening air streamed in through the thrown open doors of the converted barn that sat on the edge of my property. Usually, I had a break between a shift in the county ER and the arrival of the first patient to my night clinic. But Grenalda's boy couldn't wait for treatment. I blinked and tried to focus on the small creature glaring up at me.

Debut author Miriam Greystone writes urban fantasy stories filled with magic, romance and the occasional centaur. She fuels her creativity with an insatiable appetite for reading and frequent episodes of Doctor Who. She lives just outside of Washington DC with her husband and children, and when she isn’t hunched over her laptop, she can often be found baking or going on long hikes with her family.

Her latest book is the urban fantasy, Truthsight.
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