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  1. Hey Merissa!

    You were kind enough to read and review Forged Alliances, and I was wondering if you had any interest in my next release, Captured Memories. It's a 40,000 word contemporary romance coming out on October 17th with After Glows Publishing, and a standalone part of the multi-author Cupid's Cafe series. If interested, I'll happily provide a review copy!

    An invitation to Cupid’s Café will change your life.

    After the incident that caused Liv Morozov to drop out of college, years later she’s still trying to pick up the pieces of her life. She’s managed to carve out a career for herself as a photographer, but when it comes to guys? Her issues send them running for the hills, every damn time.

    Zane Parata has declared himself off-limits for relationships. Between trying to maintain sobriety and the long hours he works as a chef, no one wants to deal with his brand of damage, and he wouldn’t want to burden them in the first place.

    When Liv shows up at Cupid’s Café, she never expected to find Zane, her brother’s former best friend who had vanished one day and never returned. The sparks that surged when they were both teens rekindle stronger than ever, and all too fast, Liv and Zane entangle in each other’s lives, breaking their own rules. Except with both of them keeping their darkest secrets from each other, the moment their past comes to light, the love that’s begun to grow has the potential to shatter them both beyond repair.

    Thank you for your consideration!


    Katherine McIntyre